Sometimes, buying new office furniture is the best choice for your new office

It can be a challenge for any business to relocate, regardless of whether they are up-sizing or downsizing. Is the furniture suitable for the new space and will it fit in the new office? Let’s take a look at five reasons why selling your old furniture and buying new office furniture could be the best, and easiest, decision for your company.

1. Adapt to the New Space 

Buying new furniture is an obvious way to avoid the risk that your existing furniture will not fit in your new room. Most likely, when you purchased your current furniture, you had your old office space in mind. Depending on how much space you have in your new location, your old furniture might not fit.

If you purchase new furniture for the office you’re moving into, you can tailor it for the space. Rather than trying to fit a large desk into a small room, try selling the old desk and trading it in for a smaller desk.

2. Adopt a New Aesthetic

The appearance of a new office is just as critical as space. Your furniture should complement your space’s aesthetic in order to create a more pleasant environment for your employees and yourself. Think about other aspects of your new space besides the floor plan if you want to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Does the new space have much natural lighting? Your furniture may change the look of your office if the natural lighting is different from your previous space.

Your older furniture may also clash with the colour of your walls. Dark furniture, for instance, can clash with the dark walls or make the room seem gloomy. By starting with a clean slate and purchasing updated furniture that is targeted to the new space, many problems can be avoided.

3. New furniture lasts longer

Changing offices may be the perfect time to update your old furniture. Instead of furnishing your new space with your old furniture, simply replace it. Employee happiness and productivity can also be increased by a change in scenery.

4. Evaluate what is and is not needed

After years in the same office, offices can get cluttered. You might have purchased a desk at a great deal, but it takes up room you don’t have. Spring cleaning your office furniture is a great idea. You can consider what is truly necessary for your space while you are selling.

When you have a chance to buy everything again, you may realise that you bought too many plastic filing cabinets last year. So you may decide to buy fewer or none at all. Re-evaluation is often good for new spaces after a move.

5. Convenience

Another reason for purchasing new furniture instead of moving old furniture is convenience. Instead of wasting time packing old furniture, sell it. When moving, it can be extremely stressful. Selling the old furniture makes it a lot easier.

The goal of Bambisana is to make your job easier by providing quality services. Our connections with the industry’s best allow us to coordinate your move with office furniture planners when you need new office furniture. We even know how to set up your new space for maximum efficiency. When you have the right moving companies and furniture suppliers on your side, moving is exciting and stress-free.