When you’re on a tour of a potential office space, you can easily overlook small details.

Make sure you keep these tips in mind while touring potential offices so you can consider all the aspects.

1. Prepare in advance

Calculate your budget before you go on your tour, so that you will be prepared to discuss rent and other details with the landlord. If you plan to move large furniture or equipment, you should also bring the measurements along with you so that you can make sure they will fit. You should prepare a list of questions that you will ask during the tour.

2. Teamwork is key

Planning your space with an architect or designer is a smart idea. Experts will be able to show you how to customise a space for your company. If you have a tenant representative broker with you during the tour, you will have access to market information. Also, brokers can serve as additional eyes when it comes to spotting any areas of concern that you might miss.

3. Use your imagination to visualise

While you walk through the office, try to envision how your employees will fit into it. Make sure you have enough enclosed offices for employees who work with sensitive and confidential data. If your office has an open floor plan, consider which departments would benefit from it and how to arrange the space so that it is available.

4. Take a look beyond the office 

If your employees or visitors will have access to common areas, ensure that you include them in the tour. Check out any common bathrooms, lunch rooms, or reception areas. Examine the elevators and the lobby. As you continue your tour outside, note the number of parking spaces available and the security measures in place.

5. Consider the perspective of your IT department 

During your tour of the office, consider how well the space will accommodate your computer systems. Ensure that there are enough electrical outlets for charging computers, servers, and other office equipment. In addition, check if the space has adequate cellular coverage. Find out if your IT department has any specific requirements for your new office before you take a tour.

6. Spend the Day 

Plan to spend the day in the office building. Take a break at lunch to check out the dining options. Stroll the streets near the building to see what businesses are nearby. Locations that are close to gas stations, grocery stores, dry cleaners, pharmacies, salons, and other retail and service businesses will enable your employees to balance work and home life.

7. Plan to return soon 

When you are finished touring the space, try coming back at a different time of the day if you are still interested. You’ll get a sense of how easy it is for your team to commute during the times they will be arriving and departing.