Business relocations are important events for any company. The move to a larger building can be an indicator of success and growth for the company. However, the logistics of moving offices may not be as enjoyable. To make your office relocation a rewarding experience, consider these four strategies.

Getting accustomed to a new workspace is not desirable for employees who are comfortable at their current workspace. Additionally, employees will have to take different routes to reach the new office. Employees may have to relocate. The move to a new office is a big change that may not be exciting at first.

1. Keep employees motivated

Motivating employees about the upcoming corporate relocation is imperative before packing even starts. Let employees know as soon as possible about the move. Plan fun ways to get employees excited about the move.

The company should boast about its new office space. If there is a scenic view available in the new building, let your employees know about it. The team members will be eager to try out the new office equipment when it becomes available in the new space.

If budget permits, give employees an allowance for buying furniture for their individual offices. Having input on the design and function of their offices gives them a reason to get excited about the move.

Show the new office space in a guided tour. Local relocations can benefit employees who are looking for a new workplace that is closer to home or where their kids attend school. An online office tour can also be effective if you’re relocating out of state.

Information about the new neighbourhood will boost morale among employees. You may provide menus of local restaurants in the new area. There will be excitement at the new office about ordering meals out and participating in after-work gatherings.

2. Get staff involved

The move will be more enjoyable for team members who are involved in it. You could hold a meeting to find out what the employees would like to see in the new space. By giving them the opportunity to provide input, they can simultaneously unwind and vent.

Make suggestions for leisure activities in the new office. The break room may include a dart board, a table tennis table, or even video games. Emphasise to employees that they will no longer be hunched over in a hot, humid cubicle all day.

Employees feel valued when leaders listen to their suggestions, from upgrading equipment to improving colour schemes. Employees who feel their opinions matter and have the opportunity to express themselves are more likely to be involved in a successful business move.

3. Team member rewards

It is appropriate to reward employees who contribute the most to the upcoming relocation. Prizes or other incentives can be offered to employees who submit ideas about the names of meeting rooms, colour schemes in the new office, or staying late to help with packing.

A simple incentive could be new coffee mugs for their new desks. Consider giving top contributors the choice of where to sit in the new office. Another incentive could be to leave the new office early on a given Friday afternoon.

Be sure to provide office staff with plenty of refreshments while preparing for the move. It’s a bummer to lose your caffeine fix, and having to shell out hard-earned cash to buy a coffee is demotivating as well. Maintain a supply of fresh coffee, teas, and sodas in the break room to keep employees energised.

4. Have a celebration

As part of the moving process, it is important to pack all the documents and office knickknacks on time. Small wins such as these should be celebrated by, for example, ordering pizza for the team. By doing so, everyone will be encouraged to participate in the relocation effort and contribute to its minor and major aspects.

Celebrate the success of the move by throwing an office party after the relocation is complete. This is also the perfect occasion to introduce the new corporate office to customers, clients, and other business contacts. This is a moment well-deserving of celebration.

You may also give welcome packets to your hardworking staff in your new office. Information about new buildings, neighbourhoods, and amenities can be included in these packets. You might consider including personalised water bottles as a gesture of appreciation for employees’ hard work.

After team members have settled into the new office space, continue showing them how much you value them. Make sure employees have enough fresh fruit and refreshments to stay hydrated and nourished throughout their workday.


Hire an office mover

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