Relocating is a fantastic opportunity to reset, reorganise and reinvigorate. Unfortunately, with a big move comes big stress! The key to overcoming this is with proper planning, preparation and, of course, positivity.

Luckily, at Bambisana we’re experts! Here are our top tips on how to reduce stress during an office relocation:

Start With A Plan

When a relocation is thoroughly thought out, it’s more likely to run smoothly. This allows ample time to adapt should there be any hiccups or mishaps well in advance. It also gives your team the opportunity to prepare.

Create detailed lists outlining everything that needs to be done.  This list can include tasks, deadlines, scheduling, supplier contact details – really anything to make you feel more organised.  Check out our moving checklist. 

When moving, there are so many things to do, it can quickly become very overwhelming. By putting everything down on paper, you can arrange your thoughts while simultaneously ensuring that everyone is on the same page. A huge stressor is the fear of the unknown.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Moving is no small feat. Don’t be afraid to delegate. By assigning different tasks to different team members, everyone has their role to play. Sharing the responsibility will ultimately bring the team together and alleviate stress.

Our top tip is to also assign a “moving logistics coordinator” to oversee the entire project. Their job is to ensure that the process is as seamless as it can be. 

Declutter and Dispose 

The best part about moving to a new office is that it’s a chance for a fresh start. Now’s the perfect time to get rid of that dusty instruction manual for the printer you no longer own. Let’s face it – it’s been in your drawer for 15 years.

Donate, recycle and throw out any office items that aren’t needed in your new space. Once this is done, it’ll make packing and labelling boxes exponentially easier.

Better yet, it’ll make unpacking on the other side less challenging and less stressful because you’ll have a clearer vision of where everything must go. 

Hire Professionals

Here at Bambisana Office Movers and Installers, we specialise in all things relocation. We are skilled movers with over 75 years of experience. From moving vehicles to packing materials, we have it all. 

Trying to take on the entire relocation without the proper professional help will increase your stress. We’ll make sure it’s done correctly AND within budget. We’re here to do the heavy lifting. 

Communication is Key

There is nothing more stressful than being left in the dark. Always keep lines of communication open and honest with your employees. Update them on timelines, expectations and any changes in their responsibilities.

Set Yourself Up For Success

If possible, try visiting the new office space and visualise how you’d like it to look. Plan the layout as best you can and ensure everyone is aware of your intentions. Make sure the layout is conducive to a positive working environment. Check that the utilities are in order and ready for move-in day. This all makes for an overall less stressful move. 

Take Your Employees’ Well-Being Into Account

Remember, as stressful as the move is for you, it’s equally as stressful for your team. It’s important to recognise this and offer support and resources to help them manage the transition.

Celebrate The Move

Moving is a tiring and hands-on process. Once you’ve settled into your new space, be sure to take the time to celebrate the accomplishments of your team coming together and pulling it off! Reward your team for all their hard work with an office warming party – this is sure to boost morale and is a fun way to break in the new space. 

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Relocation Realities

Moving offices is a significant undertaking and therefore some stress is inevitable. However, careful planning, communication and making use of professional services can help minimise stress to ensure a smoother transition for your team. 

Whether you’re relocating locally or to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or Johannesburg, Bambisana is here to help you!