Moving offices can be stressful, and dealing with high temperatures only adds to the chaos. Fortunately, at Bambisana, we’re here to help you and your team stay cool as cucumbers. 

Just follow these six tips, and let us make your office move during the summer months an absolute breeze!

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Our first insight would be to start your move as early in the day as possible. The later you begin, the hotter that sun will be! Heat can have many negative effects including discomfort, sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Hydration is Key

Be sure to provide plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Early signs of dehydration to look out for include: headaches, fatigue, dry mouth and muscle cramps. Remember, a bottle of water goes a long way. You can even consider providing hydration supplements with added electrolytes for that extra boost of energy! 

Pack Smart 

Bambisana’s efficient packing strategies guarantee a well-organised and stress-free move, even in the summer heat. Our many years in the industry have enabled us to streamline our processes and services in order for us to reduce stress of our valued clients.

Show Them Shade

If possible, arrange for shaded areas or temporary shelters at both your current and new office locations to try and make the move as comfortable as possible for your team on moving day.

Regular Breaks

Give your team ample opportunity for some cool-down time. Whether it’s a brief pause in an air-conditioned room or a shady spot, it will always be well-received. Remember, moving is a high-energy process and you want your team to know you value their well-being. 


Just like us, high temperatures can be tough on electronic equipment, too. Luckily, we’re experts here at Bambisana and pay special attention to packaging, packing techniques and vehicles to safeguard your sensitive office equipment during the move. 


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With Bambisana by your side, beating the heat during your summer office move is no big deal! Trust us to turn the challenges of relocation into a cool and calculated moving experience for everyone involved. With our many years in the industry, we’ve developed all the tools for success, guaranteeing a professional and efficient process no matter the season!