So, you’re looking to move offices but are worried about causing your employees too much stress? Bambisana Office Movers & Installers are here to offer you some tips and tricks on how to help your team better settle into their new office space:


Have All Your Ducks In A Row

The first step to make your employees feel at ease when moving into a new office space is to be organised throughout the entire process. Let’s face it, moving can be incredibly chaotic if not thought out properly. Making use of a moving checklist is a great way to ensure that everything is in order for the big day. Use all the tools at your disposal to set yourself up for a successful move and, in turn, your employees will feel less overwhelmed.


Office Viewing And Orientation

Consider taking your employees to view their new office space before relocating. This allows them the opportunity to visualise themselves in their new space. They can become better acquainted with the layout and location of the office making the actual move less daunting.

An orientation session is another great way to help your employees feel a little bit less anxious. Introduce them to the new flow, layout and facilities and alert them to any extra information they may need. Take the time to explain new policies and procedures especially when it comes to safety protocols.

When moving your business cross-country, a team site visit is not always plausible. A solution to this would be a virtual tour. Show your employees pictures and videos and ALWAYS keep everyone in the loop!


Embrace Familiarity 

Familiarity plays a crucial role in easing the transition from your old office to your new office. Bring a few “homey” items to the new space from the old office to make your employees feel more comfortable. 

However, don’t forget that a new space is an opportunity for a fresh start. Be mindful of bringing too much old clutter from your previous office!

Maintain a healthy balance of old and new for that perfect happy medium. 


Keep It Clean 

Moving offices can get pretty disorderly and employees may find it difficult to deal with all the mess. Luckily Bambisana Office Movers And Installers offer a site cleaning and clearing service of your new office premises before you move in, as well as your old office premises before you hand over to the property management agent making your move that much more seamless. 


Get Feedback

Always check in with your employees and ask them how they’re feeling. Encourage your team to give you feedback on the new space. What do they think works? What doesn’t work? What changes can be implemented? Their insights can help identify areas for improvement and enhance their overall experience.


Celebrate The Move

Once the dust has settled and you’re fully relocated, your team is more than likely going to be emotionally and physically drained. It’s a good idea to boost morale by hosting an office warming or welcome party. This doesn’t have to be a huge event, just enough to show your team that you appreciate their hard work, dedication and patience. Relocation is no small feat and therefore it’s a great opportunity to congratulate your team on a job well done!


Transitions Can Be Tricky 

It might take your team some time to adapt to their new environment and it’s important to be cognizant of this fact. 

Using an experienced moving company is the best way to guarantee that your move is efficient and easy. Know that with careful planning, an understanding of your team’s needs and a positive attitude, everything will work out in the end! 

So, don’t be discouraged, use your office relocation as an opportunity to create a home away from home for your team!