As we spend more time at our desks at work than in our home offices, the design of these spaces is equally important to our quality of life as well as to our work. According to a recent survey, 25% of employees believe that office design hinders their performance. In contrast, 53% believe that their performance would improve if they had their ideal working environment. In other words, office design is significant, and companies and bloggers should take note. Here are our top tips for creating the ideal office space if you’re looking to refurbish your existing office or move into a new one.

Some companies don’t have the funds to purchase large offices with a great deal of space, but that doesn’t mean they have to suffer:

In a small office, privacy may be a problem, just as it would be with a close-knit team in a large one. It is imperative to design an office space that reflects your company’s structure, regardless of its size. If you work in a collaborative team, an open plan design would be most effective, so everyone can communicate easily.

Are managers interested in keeping an eye on everything?

Then maybe their desk should be positioned in view of everyone else.

Invest in collapsible and movable furniture with plenty of storage space to save space:

Organising desks strategically can also save space while increasing productivity. Different desk placements result in different outlooks for the organisation. Island desks can be rotated monthly to promote teamwork, while bullpen offices promote accountability and productivity. Your own work space can be positively impacted by these factors, regardless of whether you work from home or away from home.

Your new office design should establish a focal point that encourages relationship building and teamwork away from desks in order to create a particular aesthetic:

A monitor, a white board or a round table can be used for sharing ideas and presentations. To stimulate informal relationships in the workplace, appliances can be placed on the roundtable, such as espresso machines, to serve as convergence points.As a result, there is no compromise on space. Whiteboards and monitors can be hung up, while the round table can be moved to save even more space. If you wish, you can also create your own focal points. There are some companies that like to incorporate “fun” focal points, such as table tennis or pool tables. Employees often take ten-minute breaks to refresh their minds during these breaks.

Walls are a hot topic in the workplace debate, but it all comes down to the company’s preference:

If you want a more open environment and feel that the walls are cramping your style, then opt for it! When an office is being refurbished, this type of work would be the right time to do it. You can replace the walls with less material during the refurbishment process without compromising privacy. You can choose a colour that complements your brand with Japanese screen panels. It is also possible to replace walls with glass to make a space feel more expensive and luxurious. To make the office look more spacious and more inviting to employees and customers, paint the back wall in bright colours like orange, blue, or yellow!

No matter the size of your office, a brilliant design is essential and achievable. By carefully choosing the right layout that reflects your company’s structure, choosing the right furniture, or expanding your space through colour schemes or glass, you can give your office a well-thought-out and fascinating appearance. Not only will it encourage productivity and teamwork, but it will also help you gain more business over time – or improve your personal working environment.