Choosing the right location is just the beginning of creating your company’s ideal office. It is also crucial to take the time to carefully plan your office design, as the way you arrange the space matters greatly. A few reasons why office design is so vital:

1. A good layout can boost productivity

Offices that are laid out properly allow for work and foot traffic to flow seamlessly. This facilitates the completion of projects that require collaboration between several departments or workers.

2. An efficient layout can save you money

No matter how much space you use, you pay for every square foot whether you’re using it or not. An efficient layout can make use of every square foot, reducing wasteful costs caused by wasted space.

3. Workplace layout can promote security and safety

A well-designed working space can reduce accidents and make your facilities easier to secure. Considering details such as the distance between cubicles, the clearance around tables in conference rooms, and other small details can reduce workplace injuries and ease emergency response.

4. Layout can be helpful for management

Managers and supervisors can monitor and engage with their team more easily by having a smart office design. Due to this, supervisors have more opportunities to coach and train, and they can spot problem behaviours interfering with productivity or morale in the workplace.

5. A well-designed space can keep employees happy

The layout of your space can affect morale. Details such as how much natural light offices receive and how easy it is to access them during the workday can impact employees’ moods. After all, no one wants to walk far to find a bathroom, a break room, or a copy machine, let alone feel as if they are working in a dark corner.

6. Layouts can promote collaboration without sacrificing privacy

Employees can easily complete all of their duties in an office that is laid out with a mix of open and private work areas. When collaborating on projects, open-plan workspaces offer an easy way to communicate, while enclosed areas and meeting spaces offer a more private space for confidential conversations and tasks requiring more concentration.

7. Brand image can be enhanced by office layout

Designing your work space in a way that reflects your company’s values and strategic vision can boost your branding efforts, conveying the right message to employees and customers.


With the help of a spatial planner, you can ensure that your office space meets your needs. Consider seeking the help of one before starting your search for commercial property. By doing so, the planner can accompany you on tours and provide insight into possible layouts for the locations you visit.